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Space Pusher
Space Pusher
Space Pusher is device significant improved in correlation to other similar entertainment machines. It is a three players machine, creating an atmosphere of competition among users, which directly affects the maximization of profits for the owner and customer satisfaction. A solid construction based on steel elements minimizes the risk of damage, and anti-theft blinds provide protection against undesirable action. Controlled win ratio provides personalisation device to owner desires.


Get to know us better!

JACKMAN TECH is a family company that cares about every detail and satisfaction with the services and products offered. We meet the expectations of our clients and combine the latest technologies with the entertainment sector.Thanks to the use of practical solutions, the highest quality materials and passion, we are convinced that our machine will serve you for years.

In the privacy of our company, we design and assemble electronic boards from scratch, create great graphic designs decorating machines and invent and produce complete cabling. All these components finally make up the highest quality product.

We are proud to present our proprietary JM Operator application. The JM Operator application is installed in every machine we manufacture. However, we went a step further, so our application and JM Single or JM WIFI device is suitable for every coin acceptor machine. Install the JM Single or JM WIFI device, download the JM Operator application from the online shop and manage your company from anywhere on earth. Our solution enables remote monitoring of your machines and, most importantly, the management of the operators company.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products and the JM Operator application.
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