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  • | Workers
    This function allows you to create new accounts, assign permissions to each worker and manage the responsibility they have within the app - as the general view and actions possible to perform won’t be identical to every user. You, as the owner of the machine, have all the options available and you can decide which functions will be assigned to which worker.

    The account user added as a manager has multiple options such as: approving collections, selling devices, editing data for invoice purposes, activating and disactivating SIM cards, changing machine’s own number and modifying its location.

    The worker has an option to perform money collection and to service devices which have been assigned to his account by either owner or manager.

    Meeting the expectations of our clients, recently a new feature of a ‘restricted worker’ has been added to the app. It allows the owner/manager to minimalize the risk of sensitive data’s exposure to outsiders by assigning a restricted account to a new worker where the earnings are collectively hidden.
    As the name suggests, this is the place where you can check your earnings hussle free. With just one click you have an easy access to all history of earnings from the moment JM Operator has become a part of your business.

    You can either look at entire arcades, individual devices or collectively sum all machines that you own.
  • | Archival machines
    This function allows the admission to the history of all current, functioning and sold machines.

    In case of selling the machine that you will no longer have a control over, in this tab you will be able to access important information such as income history, dates of ownership as well as names of locations where the machines stood. .
  • | Payouts
    The latest addition to the JM Operator app is the ‘payouts’ function. The main assumption is to provide information on the percentage of issued tickets in relation to money inserted into the machine. There are 3 types of payouts for your convenience – daily, weekly and monthly. Thanks to these detailed statistics you are able to compare earnings between your arcades, check which machines are the most popular within the location and also see if they all have been switched on during opening hours – full control on your income flow!

    Depending whether you use the mobile or desktop version, you will see a different view by default – so that is clear for you to check all the necessary data. However, the app is easy to navigate and you are just a few clicks away from seeing more detailed records for your machines and arcades. There is also a possibility of generating a PDF, so it is easily readable from any device. This is the tool you didn’t know you needed to monitor your business from anywhere in the world..
  • | Collection
    The collection tab, one of the most important features of the app, differs between the owner/manager and the worker as it depends on the permissions that have been granted to each employee.

    Once the collection has begun, this tab automatically sums up the money automatically sums up the money from individual devices, including the division of income if one occurs. Above all, it shortens the entire procedure by saving the collection time, date, income and information about the person responsible for this particular collection directly in the app. No need for rusty notebooks and no more benefit of the doubt! Finally, the owner and manager are able to receive truthful information about the machine’s collection in real time.

    The settlement function finds the machine beside which the employee is currently located and settles it. The application JM Operator collects the necessary data about the device and automatically generates a report.
  • | Collection history
    The collection history function allows you to check all collections that have been performed by your workers. This is the place where you can generate reports, sorted by user or date, with just one click . Such reports are especially helpful if the collection is carried out with predictable regularity (weekly, monthly etc.) – with time passing you will be able to compare and draw conclusions about the functioning of arcades and use this information to further expand your business.

    As the owner/manager you are encouraged to approve an unacknowledged collection – usually this happens during the physical transfer of money from the worker to the owner and such function helps you to keep the records organized. You are also able to perform corrections in case of any errors or human mistakes. All your earnings and crucial information in one place? Yes, please!
  • | Payments
    The payment tab informs the operator about the current balance of the account. You can check your previous and outstanding payments and see if all WiFi devices and machines are paid so that everything works smoothly with your monthly subscription.

    This function allows you to make a payment for the subscription by logging in to Paypal platform (or alternatively Przelewy 24) and find information on the number of active machines. Other options include ‘predicted fees’ where you may check what you are expected to pay in the following month to adequately manage your spendings. Moreover, you can download, send and print a relevant invoice with just one click – both on the mobile app and while using the desktop version. You are also able to check all the archival invoices using the ‘invoices’ tab.
  • | Account settings
    This function allows you to determine visibility of the information you, as the operator, want to see on the main screen when you’re entering the app.

    You can adjust view visibility configuration you see on your tiles, so that either you can see the total income of a chosen arcade or you can see just your share (which you can set up separately). For example, if the earnings in a given arcade are divided between three partners, you can either see all ‘money in’ or just the profit you will be making out of that. Easy, isn’t it?

    The collection function provides full transparency and sends immediate notifications about active collection to the employees with granted permission. JM Operator app collects all necessary data about the device and automatically generates a report, which is available for you to download instantly. Brand new quality of operators’ life is quickly approaching!
Mini Master

JM Single / WiFi

Connect in simple way our electronics
and enjoy our app JM OPERATOR
in any device.

Our innovative application works with our state-of-the-art devices – JM Operator Single and JM Operator WiFi. Manufactured in Poland from the highest quality materials, these appliances are easy to install in any machine with coin/bill acceptor.

JM Operator Single is a fully independent device, as once installed in a given machine it will automatically connect to the available cellular network (the same as your mobile phone does). The device will unintendedly keep on sending the data, so that you can access it easily from the JM Operator app. This option is especially recommended in case of having a single machine standing at the location as it does not need arranging an internet connection solely for its purpose.

JM Operator wifi is a semi-independent device, as it connects to the router that should be located in a close proximity to the device(s). The router, providing internet signal, can connect to up 100 JM Operator WiFi devices. The mechanism of functioning is the same as the JM Operator Single – the device sends data in real time allowing you to access all necessary information instantly from JM Operator app. This option is especially recommended in case of having multiple machines standing at the location as it reduces the cost of operation and allows for organized control over your arcade.



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