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  • | Employees
    This function allows you to manage and determine the hierarchy and responsibilities of employees. The owner of the machine has all the options available and it is he who decides which functions will be given to whom.

    An account user added as a manager has the option of: approving settlements, selling devices, editing data for invoices, activating and deactivating the SIM card, changing the machine’s own numbers and modifying the location.

    The employee has an option to settle and service the devices assigned to him by owner or manager.

    The “employees option” allows you to manage human resources and clear division of responsibilities.
  • | Performance Logs
    It is an excellent tool used by employees and supervisors to help document work performance.

    The function allows real-time checking of employees activity during their settlements.

    By sorting function, you can easily segregate employee activities such as:
    - activation and deactivation of machines
    - machinery sales
    - change of location
    - own service
    - confer powers
  • | Archival machines
    The function allows admission to the history of all current and sold machines.

    If you sell the machine, you will keep the access to information such as income history, dates of ownership and names of location where the machines stood.
  • | Machines sale
    The function allows you to preview all owned machines, sort them by serial number and machine type.

    Use this function to sell the device to a new customer with one click.
  • | Collection
    The ‘settlement’ tab differs between the owner/manager and the employee.

    This function automatically sums up the money from individual devices, including division. Saves the settlement time, date, income and information about the person who is at the moment responsible for the settlement of the machine. The owner and manager obtains information about the settlement of the machine in real time.

    The settlement function finds the machine beside which the employee is currently located and settles it. The application JM Operator collects the necessary data about the device and automatically generates a report.
  • | Collection history
    The account history tab allows you to generate basic and detailed reports sorted by user or date with just one click.

    The "action" option allows you to confirm an unacknowledged settlement during the transfer of money to the owner / manager.
  • | Payments
    The payment tab informs the operator about the current balance of his account.

    Option allows you to:
    - Make a payment for the subscription by logging in to the Paypal platform or via Przelewy 24.
    - Find information on the number of active machines and the forecasted fee for the next month.
    - Download, send and print an invoice with just one click.
  • | Account settings
    It allows you to determine the visibility of the information we want on main screen.

    The earnings bar at the top of the main page updates the information on the machines depending on sorting and assigned machines to the employee or location.

    Elements visible on tiles can be sorted by earnings from:
    - the previous day,
    - the previous month
    - the last settlement.

    The settings option simply allows the owner, managers and employees to match the items they want to see on the initial screen.
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